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The Full Story

The company ‘Be At The Game Ltd’ was created by Marvin Symes & Tom Hickson two friends who are entrepreneurs and big sports fans based in England. During the Covid pandemic in 2020 they started the business to help fans create card board fans and then have them placed in the stadiums. Be At The Game had its first successful contract with the University of North Carolina in the US and supplied cardboard cut outs for; soccer, basketball and American football.


Now Be At The Game recognises the thirst for sports merchandise, coupled with people’s interest in statistics in sport, we took the cardboard cut out idea and developed it a step further into what has become the Fan Stat card today!


We have two great products suitable for all ages; Fan Stat originals and Fan Stat memories, Originals is based on the FIFA card idea ( we are not associated with FIFA) that became famous where you choose a design, upload your photo and make your stats, and Memories is a take on the Carboard cut out idea that people loved to upload photo’s of themselves, family and friends on to a cool football card design and then display it in their home or place of work.


​Be At The game is an official licensee of Inter Milan football club and The Scottish National football teams, this means we are authorised to use their latest logo’s, designs and name to enhance our product and work in partnership to bring something new for their fans to experience.


​A Fan stat card is a quality real life card made on sturdy, quality 3mm Foamex card, that you the fan customises and designs in seconds on our website, placing your country of birth, Name, position, your picture and the all-important stats, such as; assists, goals, passing, shooting etc. Our top designers then make it look even better, before we send it you – to show to friends, buy for a gift, display in your home!


We hope you enjoy the fan stat experience, please spread the word and we look forward to bringing some more world class sports brands into the Fan Stat stable in the near future.



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